What is Radiesse?

What is Radiesse?

As we age, our collagen and elastin gradually deplete, creating a need to restore what time has taken. What can you do about it? Introducing Radiesse – your secret weapon for regaining that youthful volume!

Radiesse is an injectable filler comprised of calcium-based microspheres, offering a unique advantage. Beyond being a filler, Radiesse serves as a biostimulator, a concept that's truly transformative. But what exactly is a biostimulator? It's a catalyst that prompts your body's inherent processes, paving the way for enduring outcomes. This means both immediate and sustained benefits! 

Radiesse doesn't merely restore volume; it triggers increased production of type 1 collagen, type 3 collagen, elastin, and other vital elements crucial for regeneration. This ensures that your skin remains supple, well-hydrated, and exudes youthful vitality. As Radiesse replenishes lost volume, the surge in collagen and elastin simultaneously bolsters skin's strength and overall integrity. Elastin, the unsung hero behind skin's resilience and bounce, finds its champion in this treatment! 

Curious about the everyday skin issues Radiesse effortlessly addresses? Here's a glimpse: 

  • Sculpt your cheekbones and jawline to perfection. 
  • Restore lost facial volume 
  • Elevate facial skin quality for a radiant, age-defying glow. 
  • Soften smile lines around the mouth 
  • Attain a smooth and tightened neck and decolletage 

Want to learn more about Radiesse, and how it can be used to achieve your skin health goals? Request more information from our concierge team here. 

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